The true soul of a monster

She had made it to the place where the many others that came before her had stood and lost themselves in the black madness that was practically trying to claw it way out of that gave and into her mind. Come my darling little doe and see for yourself why those who speak my name tremble in [...]

The Demon and Her Heart: Eliya and the Orb the End

The eyes of the fire demon were just as she remembered she dreamed about herself falling into those eyes and being surrounded by pure black dark with no way out. She looked to Graven and Rydan to see that their faces showed no fear but she knew that at least some small part of them [...]

Orb of Blood: Eliya and the Orb part 4

As exciting as it was for Eliya to remember the first time Rydan had ever told her he loved her was she still needed to focus today would be the day she would get her revenge for her family and for Rydan's family. Rydan and Eliya were trying to find at least one inn in [...]

From Flames to Frost : Eliya and the Orb part 3

Eliya withheld her sobs after a few moments of standing there while Rydan held her night had fully set in and the cold was starting to get to her, she could sense that Rydan could her trembling not only from her cries, but from the cold as goose bumps spread over her body and down [...]

Her Tears fall for their Ashes : Eliya and the orb part 2

Eliya finally arrived at the cottage that held so many memories that she had never really thought much about but now that everything was gone it all came flooding back to her.She remembered the christmas papa had brought home the biggest Christmas tree she had ever seen it barely fit through the door, mother hated [...]