The True soul of a monster: part 2

The sea was cold and black just like everything else in her life, dull and cold, she refused to let anything into her life even her sister, she cared for her dearly yes but she could not love her something broke inside her the day her parents died. They had all been so happy and [...]

Frozen Happiness?

Frozen Tides ISBN-13: 9781101623237 Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date:12/15/2015 Series: Falling Kingdoms Series , #4 Pages: 400 Author: Morgan Rhodes Summary Prologue- A flashback of King Gaius and his mother telling him the stories of the Kindred and how he is destined to find them and rule the world. Amara is on her [...]

Gathering My Good Graces!

  Gathering Darkness ISBN-13: 9781595147066 Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date: 11/24/2015 Series: Falling Kingdoms Series #3 Pages: 448 Author: Morgan Rhodes Summary It starts out right after the attack on the camp in Paelsia, Jonas is being captured by Limerian guards when a man named Felix comes to his rescue. Jonas and Felix [...]

DEVIL Springs

REBEL SPRINGS ISBN-13:9781595145925 Publisher:Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date:07/15/2014 Series:Falling Kingdoms Series , #2 Pages:432 Author: Morgan Rhodes This summary goes through different people's point of view and what is going on at the different places. So if the summary switches to a different person in a different place that is why so do not [...]

A Court of Love and Hate

A court of Thorns of rosesĀ    Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses Author: Sarah J. Maas Paperback: 448 pages Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens Published date: (May 3, 2016) Language: English ISBN-10: 1619635186 Summary "A court of Thorns and Roses " is about a young girl named Feyre who is trying to keep her [...]