Frozen Happiness?

Frozen Tides ISBN-13: 9781101623237 Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date:12/15/2015 Series: Falling Kingdoms Series , #4 Pages: 400 Author: Morgan Rhodes Summary Prologue- A flashback of King Gaius and his mother telling him the stories of the Kindred and how he is destined to find them and rule the world. Amara is on her [...]

Gathering My Good Graces!

  Gathering Darkness ISBN-13: 9781595147066 Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date: 11/24/2015 Series: Falling Kingdoms Series #3 Pages: 448 Author: Morgan Rhodes Summary It starts out right after the attack on the camp in Paelsia, Jonas is being captured by Limerian guards when a man named Felix comes to his rescue. Jonas and Felix [...]

DEVIL Springs

REBEL SPRINGS ISBN-13:9781595145925 Publisher:Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date:07/15/2014 Series:Falling Kingdoms Series , #2 Pages:432 Author: Morgan Rhodes This summary goes through different people's point of view and what is going on at the different places. So if the summary switches to a different person in a different place that is why so do not [...]

Falling Kingdom of FEELINGS!

Falling Kingdoms By: Morgan Rhodes This book is a changing point of view book so i'm trying to make this the least confusing as possible. "Falling Kingdoms" is about a handful of people and three major kingdoms. Cleo, Aron, Theon, and Mira travel to a Paelsia, a neighboring kingdom, for a wine they were most [...]